Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Mentality US (60 Capsules)


Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Mentality® is a potent nootropic formula that provides cognitive enhancers and energizers that will increase energy, enhance cognitive function, and increase focus while reducing mental fatigue.

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Mentality by Rich Piana uses four different blends to increase alertness, mental acuity, and overall brain power. No stone has been left unturned with the number of goodies that have been lumped into Mentality.

Mental Power Blend
This blend contains an overflowing collaboration of potent ‘brain feeders’ that directly encourage greater memory retention, streamlined focus, and mental energy and stamina while defeating mental fatigue and exhaustion.

Phyco-Stim Energy Boost
MENTALITY uses several forms of caffeine to give you a dynamic and multi-faceted spark in energy that meets your physical and mental needs: both immediate, the interim period, and long term for many hours. Without the harsh crash. The last thing you need is short-fused energy right during critical times of your day only to abandon you with a tough to face crash. To compliment this blend, Mentality also contains a high dose of B-12 for extra added natural energy.

Focus Neurotransmission Blend

These cognitive triggers keep your brain on high alert and attentiveness to dissect even the most complex of scenarios. They are the match that set off and ignite a series of mental performance fireworks. Increase your attention span and focus on the task at hand with this intense blend of very effective ingredients.

Cognitive Igniter Blend
Whether it is a night out on town, a night of gaming, a night of studying, or a full day of meetings, this blend is the final addition aimed to DIRECTLY ignite your system. These sought-after ingredients take you to where you need to be and keep you there.

Look at the huge ingredient list in the other image and you can see how much effort the 5% Nutrition team have gone to make sure this product works. And let me tell you, IT WORKS!

To get the mental edge you need to be sharp on all your daily tasks, take one serving (3 capsules) of MENTALITY by RICH PIANA in the morning with food. A second serving may be taken later in the day if needed.
Honestly though, it’s best to start with 2 capsules to assess dose – you can always take a third one later on in the day.